marcus "mac" tegtmeier
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VHS cover for the film Bootleg Death Tape for Shock Sinema.

'Lunk: Cave Adventure cartridge that appeared in the 2013 Famicase Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Silkscreen print, 2008

Portrait for the It's Raining Kaiba flip book which can be seen here.

A poster for The Nightmare Man. Directed by Jason Harlow and released in 2016.

Daruma 2013

Silkscreen print, 2008

DVD cover for the film Occult.

My coworker got the Anheuser-Busch eagle logo tattooed on his shoulder when he was in college.  He now regrets it and asked me to design a cover up for it with a bad ass warrior motif, this is what I could come up with.

A commissioned portrait for Justin McDowell.

Cheap Halloween Decoration Inspired Witch, 2010